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Students and parents both want academic success – high grades and the pride that comes with achievement. Our St. Louis tutors believe any student, regardless of ability, can become a high achiever. Our tutors know from years of experience that students underperform because they have not learned the right approach or pathway to success.

The difference between average performance (a “C” student) and high performance (an “A” student) turns on what a student does outside of class.

Any school has the same essential components: attendance, class participation, attentiveness, homework and testing. Most teachers give students points for each category; however, simply showing up on a regular basis and “doing” homework will not guarantee a good grade.

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While no two students learn exactly alike in exactly the same manner, all students must struggle with independent learning. Where do I do my homework? When do I do my homework? How do I do my homework? Am I well organized? If not, how can I become better organized? Do I know how to study for quizzes and tests? If not, how can I develop better study skills? Students who discover the answers to these questions become high achievers.

Our St. Louis tutors help students become stronger independent learners by developing a customized approach to organization, cognition and retention. Students can spend hours working very hard but working inefficiently to the point their effort fails to translate into results. Our tutors create personalized organizational plans so that students learn how to maximize time, work efficiently and retain key information not just for the short term but for the long term.

After integrating our customized learning approach, our students

  • Know how to schedule their time in and out of school
  • Regularly complete and turn in assignments
  • Do more with less by working efficiently and smart
  • Do not fear pop quizzes
  • Regularly come to class prepared to learn and lead discussions
  • Keep materials organized, current and geared toward test success
  • Approach big exams with confidence
  • Retain information for the full academic year and beyond
  • Develop the skills necessary to survive and thrive in college

Success requires more than good organization; students must understand often complicated subject matter. Our tutoring approach helps students master concepts in all core areas by providing instruction tailored to their individual learning styles. Subjects covered include English, U.S. and World History, American and Comparative Government, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and mathematics through Calculus. Our tutors work with students in remedial work as well as AP track courses. Every student benefits by working with a tutor who has mastery of a broad array of subjects, an eye for sophistication and application which colleges expect, and a fine sense of how each student processes and retains information.

Our tutoring approach takes a holistic view toward learning – we do not believe in just a few sessions on an emergency basis for one subject, but rather an extended program catered to the needs and long-term goals of the individual student. By building relationships with one tutor, students get a specialist not just in subject matter but in their particular learning situation. Students get a coach with a personal stake in their success, a mentor they trust and with whom they feel comfortable and confident.

When a student completes a tutoring program with us, we want them to leave with more than good results – we want them to have the skills and confidence to succeed in life and to see that education can play a positive role in the development of their career path.

To learn more about how our tutoring method changes students’ lives, visit the Tutoring Case Studies Page.

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