At Mackler Associates, we have been carefully monitoring the impact of the novel coronavirus for weeks and planning for continuity of service in light of changing circumstances. Currently, CDC guidelines stress social distancing and our principal counties have us under stay-at-home orders. We live in unusual and challenging times, but we stress that these difficulties are temporary and we want all students prepared for the return to normalcy. We ache for our seniors who have turned from celebrating receiving college acceptance letters to losing their prom and possibly their graduation ceremonies. But this fall these seniors will begin college and they need to prepare for the transition.

Similarly, juniors have concerns about the college application process. While the ACT and SAT were cancelled for recent administrations, these tests will be given in June. We want students prepared for those test dates and readying for college applications. To that end, we have already been operating in a virtual online environment, scheduling our highly successful ACT and SAT prep programs throughout the week, all still individual and one-on-one, just delivered now using Skype or FaceTime or Zoom. We encourage all students to continue to prepare for summer administrations of standardized tests and a college application process that at present will continue as scheduled, with perhaps some later deadlines for submission.

Also, we know that many schools have moved online for remote learning to complete the current semester. For parents and students alike, this new home-based learning presents many challenges. We remain available for our academic tutoring and support through virtual sessions, and we have in fact already been delivering these services to current clients. We want to help students maximize their learning for the remaining of the semester – teachers will still give students grades that will count on transcripts, and the knowledge to gain will impact learning for next year as well as standardized tests.

We at Mackler Associates want to remind all of you to follow CDC and county guidelines to stay safe and hasten the end of the threat of the novel coronavirus. At the same time, we want to encourage everyone to remain optimistic, knowing that these restrictions will be temporary and that life will resume its usual frenetic pace. We want all parents and students to be ready when normalcy returns – and that means remaining proactive academically while under stay-at-home orders. If you have questions about academic support, remote learning, ACT and SAT, and the college application process, please reach out to us with an email or phone call – we are here to help.